Asset remarketing

One of ARES International's core activities is Asset Remarketing. We've been a reliable player in ICT Remarking for a few years now, and focus on both reselling depreciated stock, and purchasing and processing antiquated IT equipment. We work with both IT suppliers and companies that provide antiquated equipment, and so play a facilitating role in the IT life cycle. Due to this position, we are an innovative partner in IT equipment remarketing.

Ares international, your asset remarketing partner 

We provide complete IT management solutions. Ares International focuses on managing and inspecting your IT infrastructure's life cycle in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. We use a flexible work method for each client, whereby we adjust our service provision to your individual needs. We pay an honest price for your antiquated IT products, and will offer you advice when purchasing new equipment, that we can supply directly from stock.

If your business' IT infrastructure is antiquated, Ares International can offer your four different services. Feel free to contact us for further information.

  1. Migrating your IT infrastructure with minimum impact on your daily operations
  2. Safe destruction of company-sensitive information and registries
  3. We work within EU environment legislation and maintain a strict and environmentally friendly work method to remove and recycle IT equipment.
  4. We give you maximum residual value for your antiquated IT equipment.