Ares international

The total IT infrastructure solution

ARES International (Asset Recovery and Environmental Services) was established in the Netherlands a few years ago. Over those past few years, we have grown to become a stable consumer and ICT equipment provider. We are IT product and IT management specialists. We are the professionals that can help you follow, move, store, test, resell and remove your antiquated or old IT material.

We supply renovated, new spare IT products to wholesalers, service companies, and end users the world over. ARES is a reliable and professional partner that loves to anticipate your unique needs and desires and works with you to make them a reality. We have a wide range of IT products in stock and that makes us a fast and reliable supplier. We receive new stock on a regular basis - from chip sets to server cabinets. And thanks to our outstanding logistics network, we can ship them quickly anywhere in the world. All of the products we supply are of excellent quality, whether they are new or refurbished. We are the official partner of such companies as Dell, so we have a select supply of various IT products at our disposal, and would be more than happy to help you with advice when purchasing your IT equipment.